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Takata Foundation Overview

Takata Foundation supports research and educational programs with a particular focus on the human safety element of our motorized society.

Outline of research grants

Traditionally, motor vehicles are used to get us around, enrich our lives, and streamline industries. Therefore, we believe it should be unacceptable for fatalities and injuries to occur.
There have been countless technological developments, law reforms, and educational programs aimed at preventing traffic fatalities and injuries, but in order to bring us closer to reducing fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents to zero, it is essential that we focus on the human element of the equation. We must adopt measures and develop mechanisms that will prevent human error from leading to accidents.
At the same time, there should be an increased focus on mitigating injuries and streamlining and enhancing emergency services in the event that accidents do occur.
Takata Foundation works to provide assistance for the progression of research aimed at the early implementation of such innovations.

Call for endowed lectures and provision of grants

In Japan, industry, government and academia have joined forces to introduce new road traffic safety measures which have resulted in a significant reduction in the frequency of traffic accidents, and resulting fatalities and injuries. If we are to achieve our goal of creating a society with zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents, new efforts must be carried out from a new viewpoint.

Takata Foundation aims to support the realization of a prosperous motorized society by contributing to initiatives such as surveys, research, and education with a focus on the human element, and we believe that deepening students’ knowledge of this area is significantly meaningful for society.
Takata Foundation is calling on universities to hold endowed lectures on the theme of Road and Traffic Safety, and will provide assistance to those efforts through grants.

Past Research Grants

Following its establishment in December 2008, Takata Foundation began accepting research grant applications from 2009, and has continued to provide grants ever since.
We continue to hold regular research conferences in order to widely disseminate the results of the research we support. More details can be found on our homepage at www.takatafound.or.jp

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